Which are the goals of NXPadel for 2024?

NXPadel is ready to start 2024 with a bang by setting new goals, installing new Padel Courts around the world, and continuing and confirming itself as a game-changer in the industry.

Which are the goals of NXPadel for 2024?

The arrival of the new year is the ideal time for everyone to take stock, analyze the months that have just passed, and set new goals and challenges to achieve.
For us at NXPadel, this time has come as well, and after officially entering the padel court manufacturing industry just over a year ago, we are ready to reap the rewards of the great work done in 2023, the year in which we made ourselves known in the market as a game-changer through unprecedented products and a completely innovative approach to understanding the Padel Court.

Aware of this, then, our first goal will surely be to continue to spread more and more the advantages of our courts by leveraging their countless strengths and bringing more and more people closer to our world. For this, we rely on a great deal of marketing work through social media, videos, blogs, and newsletters in which we try every day to tell most freshly and intuitively possible about the unique features of our products, and, given the excellent results achieved during 2023, we will continue on this path for 2024 as well, improving and making use of tools and methods that are always in step with the times.

Secondly, all the more so for a company like ours that has made innovation its trademark, there will certainly be no lack of constant research, refinement, and updating of our products. If it is true that we have been able to revolutionize all 3 components of the Padel Court by replacing the iron structure with a Fiberglass one, launching ComfortGlass as a safe and indestructible alternative for the walls, and by introducing ZeroS, a latest-generation padel mat that does not require sand, it is equally true that an ever-changing and increasingly demanding market needs a mindset that is always ready to get involved and adapt to it in the best possible way.

In this regard, we are already at work on an absolute novelty of which we will start giving some spoilers in the coming days but which will be officially launched in the spring. For the time being, we can only say that it will be an outstanding project and yet another testimony to an innovation that wants to know no respite, but this time we wanted to outdo ourselves, taking the technology of our Padel Courts to the extreme of aesthetic and qualitative boundaries.

Focusing instead on the realization and installation of our Padel Courts around the world, we are ready to concretize the great work that our commercial area has done in recent months through new agreements with our partners and the increasingly massive collection of contacts.After the work done during this first year in France, the Netherlands, the Caribbean, the U.S., and Italy, we are ready to increase our productivity and expand the radius also to countries where padel is developing and with which we have already established contacts some time.

Our sales area has set a goal of 60 installed courts for each country in France, the USA, and the UK, at least 30 in the Netherlands, and 15 in Belgium
Also given the large number of different requests received, we are ready to put the flag in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany, the latter a real sleeping giant of the market, where we plan to set up at least 30 courts.
Ultimately, our mission will be to spread the word to the East as well, and we have high expectations, as well as cautious optimism, for projects in countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Japan, where we will be installing some 20 Padel Courts as early as this year.

In short, if 2023 was year zero for NXPadel in which we tested firsthand the interest and potential sparked by our courts, 2024 will be the year of confirmation, the practical realization of our intentions, and our definitive establishment in this industry. 
We are ready, and you?