How Does it Feel to Play on a Sandless Padel Mat?

Let's find out the playability advantages of ZeroS, the synthetic turf padel carpet without the sand and how it performs in rebound, grip, and shock absorption.

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How does it feel to play on a Sandless Padel Mat?

As many people know, the sand that clogs the synthetic turf surfaces of padel courts is that component that serves both to give weight and stability to the mat but also to fill in the spaces between the strands, ensuring a consistently smooth and even rebound. Given these conditions, it would seem impossible to deprive oneself of it while ensuring excellent performance in terms of playability, but by now we know, that when it comes to overturning the odds and the rules of the game in this industry, NXPadel always has the ace up its sleeve!
A few weeks ago, we launched ZeroS, the first sandless padel mat, a real revolution if we consider that thanks to this innovative product we are not only able to meet the standards required by the International Padel Federation but even to improve and enhance them to the maximum both in terms of maintenance and installation but also, as we will see in this article, in terms of playability.

You may be wondering, first of all, how it is possible that despite the absence of sand, on ZeroS, the ball manages to bounce perfectly. The answer, in this case, is to be found in the height and density of the textured filaments that make up this special padel mat: in ZeroS, the height of these filaments is lower and, above all, they are much denser with each other, in this way, the surface will be perfectly uniform and compact and this will ensure a perfect bounce.
But not only that. The total absence of sand means that the rebound will be the same everywhere in the court, and there will be no parts where it will rebound better or worse because of an excess or lack of sand.

The absence of sand, however, is not the only aspect that contributes to making NXPadel's mat so innovative and capable of unprecedented playability.
ZeroS, in fact, unlike all other types of synthetic turf, is completely glued to the ground. This feature is crucial because, for the first time, the formation over time of bubbles or creases on its surface will be impossible, again ensuring a consistently uniform and perfect rebound in every area of the court.

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How many times have you had to wait several hours before being able to play on an outdoor padel court in complete safety after rain? 
The latex backing of traditional synthetic turf surfaces has only a few drainage holes from which water can penetrate allowing the court to dry out. The surface of ZeroS, on the other hand, is completely permeable at every point of the mat. And, as you can see in this video on our social channels, the water drains away in just a few moments allowing the court to be ready for use super quickly and above all in total safety.

Finally, ZeroS' monofilaments, although lower and denser, are of the textured type, the best possible option on the market that can ensure adequate ball speed and, above all, perfect shoe sole grip and incredible shock absorption during the jumps and sudden changes of direction that characterize this sport, preventing the risk of muscle injuries and ensuring the best possible playing feel!

Those who have already had the opportunity to try ZeroS, in the first courts where it was installed a few weeks ago in the Milan area, have already realized the extraordinary nature of this product at the level of play as well as its perfect aesthetics from the first second. Now it also remains for you to join the NXRevolution once again and take your gaming experience to the next level!