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What Makes N1A the most Innovative Padel Court in the World? The Full List of its Advantages

N1A is our top-of-the-line padel court model and encapsulates all three innovations with which we have revolutionized the industry and their relative advantages: Fiberglass Structure, ComfortGlass and ZeroS

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How to use Glass and Fences during a Padel Game?

The glass and fences of a padel court involve different behaviors to use during a match....

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Padel Courts vs Wind: How to Eliminate the Problem by Choosing NXPadel

How and why thanks to NXPadel's Fiberglass Padel Courts technology you will be able to cope...

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Installing a Padel Court Safely: Why is it Possible with NXPadel's Solutions?

At NXPadel, the safety of padel court installers is also of primary importance. That is why...

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ZeroS: Why is it the Perfect Mat for Mobile or Portable Padel Courts?

A detailed overview of the features of ZeroS, the new padel mat frontier, and how it is a...

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How Long does a Padel Court Last and how to Extend its Useful Lifespan choosing NXPadel's Technologies ?

A detailed overview of the durability of all components of our padel courts: Fiberglass...

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Padel and Noise Pollution: Why do Fiberglass Padel Courts prove to be the Solution?

Why, thanks to NXPadel's courts equipped with Fiberglass structure and ComfortGlass, noise...

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What the Padel Court Fences Must look like to have a Random Bounce

What are the parameters set by the International Padel Federation for padel court fences to...

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Maintenance of Padel Court’s Glass: Everything You Need to Know

Steps to follow for proper padel court’s glass maintenance with a focus on ComfortGlass, the...

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Mobile Fiberglass Padel Courts: the complete guide to installing them anywhere and without red tape

Our Mobile Fiberglass Padel Courts are the ideal solution both for sports centers that have...

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Why a limited edition padel courts collection? Q&A with Nicola Ceresoli, CEO of NXPadel

Nicola Ceresoli, CEO of NXPadel, tells us how NXPadel Selection came from and how it can...

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Reduce the Side Costs of your Padel Court with Fiberglass in 3 steps

The reasons why choosing a fiberglass padel court can also be crucial in terms of economics...

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Paris Chooses NXPadel: 4 Fiberglass Padel Courts for the Ville de Paris

Confirmed the agreement for a new padel center in Paris with 4 Fiberglass + ComfortGlass...

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In Austin, The First High School in the US with Padel Courts

From April, 3 Fiberglass Padel Courts by NXPadel will land at a private high school in Austin...

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Juan Lebron and Alejandro Galan are splitting up. All the reasons behind the breakup

After controversy in Doha in the match lost against Yanguas and Garrido, Galan decided to...

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6 Fiberglass Padel Courts at Club Med Martinique: the project in deep

Since last December, Club Med Les Boucaniers in Martinique can boast of no less than 6...

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The Timber: When the Purity of Wood Carves the most Pristine Padel Court ever

The Timber is one of three limited edition padel courts in the NXPadel Selection range, whose...

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The Spectre: When the Versatility of Carbon Fiber forges the most futuristic Padel Court

The Spectre is one of the 3 padel court models of the NXPadel Selection project, launched by...

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The David: When the Finesse of Marble Sculpts the Most Elegant Padel Court Ever

The David is one of the 3 padel court models of the NXPadel Selection project, launched last...

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NXPadel Selection: three limited edition Fiberglass courts with iconic aesthetics for an exclusive experience.

We're pleased to present to you NXPadel Selection,Our most ambitious and extraordinary...

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ZeroS, The Maintenance-Free Padel Mat

Thanks to the absence of sand and its special composition, ZeroS, our state-of-the-art padel...

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A new professional circuit on the horizon: unveiled Ultimate Padel Tour

A few days ago Ultimate Padel Tour was unveiled, the new Spain-focused professional circuit...

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Which are the goals of NXPadel for 2024?

NXPadel is ready to start 2024 with a bang by setting new goals, installing new Padel Courts...

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The New Pairs of Premier Padel 2024

The new Premier Padel season is almost underway, and with it, there is no shortage of news...

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From Launch to Excellence: The First Year of NXPadel

NXPadel celebrates its first year in business through the milestones that through innovation,...

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The Ultimate Guide to the Purchase of a New Padel Court in 2024

A detailed guide of all the aspects to pay attention to and all the options the market has to...

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The Must-Have Accessories on your Fiberglass Padel Court

Discover NXPadel's line of accessories and make your padel court even safer, more complete...

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How Does it Feel to Play on a Sandless Padel Mat?

Let's find out the playability advantages of ZeroS, the synthetic turf padel carpet without...

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Why Fiberglass Padel Courts allow the world's easiest installation?

NXPadel's Fiberglass Courts and the most advanced technologies applied to them ensure the...

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The Hexagon Cup takes shape: Here are all the players who will participate!

The Hexagon Cup, staged Jan. 31 through Feb. 4 takes shape. All the players for the world's...

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ZeroS: The Next Generation Padel Carpet

ZeroS is the first sandless Padel Carpet and represents NXPadel's latest innovation

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ComfortGlass: When a Padel Court’s wall is indestructible

ComfortGlass is the innovative wall of NXPadel's Padel Courts, and thanks to its elasticity...

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Customize your Fiberglass Padel Court and make it perfect for your club!

How to customize your Fiberglass Padel Court from NXPadel and why it's important to do so for...

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Padel vs Pickleball: the differences between the two sports of the future

Let's find out the differences in the game, rules, and equipment between Padel and...

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How does it feel to play on a Fiberglass Padel Court?

Fiberglass Padel Courts offer many advantages in terms of playability, providing players with...

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Why having played tennis is not enough to be good padel player

Why is padel different from tennis? Let's analyze the strokes and playing situations that...

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NXShowroom, The mini Fiberglass Padel Court at NXPadel's offices

NXShowroom is the mini Fiberglass Padel Court at NXPadel's offices represents an additional...

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Padel and Women: Why Padel is more and more Pink

The reasons why padel has become one of the most popular and practiced sports for women

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Club Med is ready to join the NXGlobal Community

Soon six Fiberglass Padel Courts by NXPadel will be installed at Les Boucaniers Resort in...

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Expansion of the Padel Phenomenon: The Sweden Case

In Sweden, the supply of padel courts has exceeded demand and market saturation has been...

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Mobile Fiberglass Padel Courts: Install everywhere and save time on permits!

NXPadel launches its Mobile Fiberglass Padel Courts, which can be installed anywhere and...

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Lebron and Galan return to success and answer breakup rumors.

The Galacticos triumph at Boss German Padel Open in Düsseldorf, after a week of separation...

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Injuries on a Padel Court: Why Fiberglass Padel Court is the safest solution

Why Fiberglass is safer than iron and helps prevent the risk of injuries on a padel court for...

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Fiberglass vs Iron structure: why is Fiberglass the future in the padel court market?

The differences between Fiberglass and Iron Padel Courts and NXPadel's advantages to conquer...

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New York Grand Master, the A1 Padel's debut in the U.S.

October 9 to 15 Professional Padel lands in the United States for the first time with the New...

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NXPadel resets the maintenance of Padel Courts to zero

Thanks to the advantages of Fiberglass and ComfortGlass, NXPadel Padel Courts are...

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Padel balls Pressurizer extends the life of your padel balls

Thanks to the Padel balls pressurizer you can extend the life of your Padel balls, saving...

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With NXPadel, even transporting padel courts has never looked so efficient!

3 reasons why transporting Padel Courts in Fiberglass and ComfortGlass, saves you time and,...

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The Biggest Prize Money in Padel History

At the Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major, the richest, all-time prize money divided equally...

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Padel Courts Installation: Everything you need to know.

9 steps to follow for the perfect Padel Court Installation: From permits and regulations to...

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Padel matches with the most Spectators

The 5 padel matches with a record number of spectators. Records are set to be broken very soon.

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Padel Courts Construction: Navigating Permits and Regulations

Exploring the essential aspects of building Padel Courts navigating Permits and Regulations...

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Padel's New Legacy: Premier Padel and World Padel Tour Merge to Redefine Professional Padel Circuits

Premier Padel and World Padel Tour (WPT), two prominent circuits in the padel world, are set...

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Shaping NX Global Community: Sports Planet - Netherlands

NXPadel's revolutionary Fiberglass Padel courts redefine the future of sports in a way that's...

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Fiberglass Padel Courts: Why they are perfect for any location?

Fiberglass Padel Courts versatility makes them an ideal choice for various locations, both...

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7 Management Tips For Your Padel Club

Padel clubs require effective management to ensure the smooth functioning of the club. Here...

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The Popularity Of Padel: How Is Exploding Around The World

In this article, we will explore the growing number of Padel clubs around the world, using...

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The Different Court Covers You May Use When Building A Padel Court

In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of Padel court coverage, specifically...

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New Padel Clubs: Revenue Streams

Padel clubs have become a lucrative business opportunity. We will explore the revenue...

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Padel Growth: Numbers, Facts & Expectations

The growth of Padel courts and the expectations for the future, with number examples.

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Padel Glass Regulations: What Are the Differences Between 10mm, 12mm and ComfortGlass?

Explaining regulations for the Padel courts' glasses

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Tips And Suggestions On What To Wear For A Padel Match.

Playing padel requires a combination of comfort, style, and performance, and choosing the...

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Playtomic Global Padel Report 2023: Unveiling the Remarkable Growth and Evolution of Padel

The Playtomic Global Padel Report 2023 presents compelling data that sheds light on the...

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Improve the Guest Experience At Your Hotel With A Fiberglass Padel Court

Why hotels and resorts are now starting to install Padel courts on their properties

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3 Padel Balls Suggestion Professional Players

For professional players, using the right padel ball can make a significant difference in...

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Indoor Sport: Padel vs. Other Popular Sports

he Indoor Sport Revolutionizing Recreation and Fitness

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NXPadel: Elevating Excellence with Kiwa Certified Fiberglass Padel Courts

At NXPadel, we take pride in offering Fiberglass Padel courts that are approved by Kiwa, a...

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The Smartest Installation of a Padel Court

How NXPadel's technologies have been designed to make the installation of Fiberglass Padel...

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3 Padel Rackets For Intermediate players

we will suggest three padel rackets that are perfect for intermediate players.

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7 Reasons Sports Clubs Will Benefit From Adding Padel Courts To Their Facilities

Here are some reasons why sports clubs should consider adding padel courts to their facilities.

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What is the reason for Padel's unstoppable growth?

Padel has quickly become one of the most loved sports in Europe, attracting players of all...

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Can Padel Be The Next Big Outdoor Sport?

We will explore the revenue potential of padel courts compared to other outdoor sports

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3 Padel Rackets For Top Players

We will suggest three padel rackets that are perfect for top players.

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Padel v Tennis

Differences in terms of benefits, revenues, costs, and the number of players.

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3 Padel Rackets For Beginners

Choosing the right padel racket can make a big difference in your performance on the court.

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NXPadel and ComfortGlass at the World Padel Tour Circus Brussels Padel Open.

We're happy to announce our presence at the World Padel Tour Circus Brussels Padel Open along...

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Revolutionize Your Padel Experience with NXPadel's Advanced Fiberglass Padel Courts.

Our state-of-the-art Fiberglass Padel Courts are designed to enhance your playing experience...

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What You Need To Know About Building A Padel Court

If you're thinking of building a padel court, it's important to be aware of the regulations...

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Padel: The Sport That Is Growing More Than You May Think

How padel has been experiencing a surge in popularity across the world.

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Live Broadcast Media Distribution Is Changing Padel Tournaments And Industry

How broadcasting companies have recognized the potential of Padel.

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7 Economic Tips For Better Padel Club Management

Here are some economic advice for padel clubs to consider.

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We Made It Simple!

Rail System, Flower Base, Click and Fix.

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The History of NXPadel

Discover and be part of our story.

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