This is NXPadel, the Italian court manufacturer that is reshaping the entire Padel industry. Our goal is to revolutionize the Padel court sector and elevate the experience for all stakeholders involved. We are committed to enhancing not only the playability but the entire Padel ecosystem. From court owners and operators to coaches, players, and enthusiasts, our innovative designs and superior-quality courts aim to improve the overall experience for everyone. By pushing the boundaries of innovation and constantly improving our offerings, we are paving the way for a new era in the Padel business. Join us in transforming the future of the padel industry with NXPadel.


Experience Padel to the Fullest.


Our mission is to push the technical and performance characteristics of Padel courts ever higher and provide players and all Padel lovers with the best playing conditions and maximum safety.


Shaping the Padel history together

After more than 20 years of Experience in the management and construction of sports facilities, Luca Ceresoli, back of a new experience in the naval sector in the Dominican Republic, had the intuition of implementing boat hull Fiberglass in Padel courts. After 3 years of scientific studies and tests, the Padel Court was completed. Thanks to careful analysis and a business plan by his son Nicola, NXPadel is now ready to make its way into the market. NXPadel designs the most Innovative, Disruptive, and Rock project in the manufacture of Padel Courts began by boat, now it's up to You to decide to board!


Luca Ceresoli
Nicola Ceresoli

Graphic Designer


BackOffice Responsible

Being a horizontal company is the key to NXPadel's success: every component of the team is a crucial gear in the engine of NXPadel. Innovative ideas and revolutionary proposals come from different minds and the difference of our team is a pivotal factor on which NXPadel is based on.

Differences that make the difference

  • Fiberglass Padel Court: Our own global patent of this revolutionary solution allows us to stand out from the market guaranteeing strategic and objectives advantages to every actor in the Padel world.

  • ComfortGlass: Our latest enhancement in the Padel court offers the safest Padel experience ever. From the production, to the gameplay we can grant the safest padel court in the World.

  • Horizontal Management: Everybody is part of the journey and everybody has the power to make NXPadel every day a better company bringing their knowledge, passion, and experiences.

  • Direct communication: Working directly both with companies, players, and clubs, we’re able to increase our services and products to meet everyone’s needs and purpose.

  • No-Stop evolution: The goal is to improve the padel experience for everybody by improving a fair padel development making it accessible to the whole World.

“The Fiberglass Padel Court is the means, not the end”

We’re not just a Padel manufacturer. We want to be a global Padel movement that pushes the boundaries of what we’re used to, and upgrade it to the next level to make Padel the best sport ever!